500ml Alcohol Gel Hand Rub With Moisturiser Refill

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Bring in your 500ml bottle and we will refill it for you.  Alcohol Gel Hand Rub is disinfectant effective against bacteria enveloped viruses and yeast and contains moisturiser to maintain skin condition.

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Bring your 500ml container in and we will fill it for you.  This product is a REFILL.  Contact us on the number above for more information.

Alcohol Gel Hand Rub with moisturiser.

This hand gel is ready to use, alcohhol based and water-soluble.

Alcohol Gel Hand Rub with moisturiser is an effective disinfectant against bacteria enveloped viruses and yeast.

To maintain skin condition it contains a blend of 70% alcohol and a glycerol emollient.

This product is suitable for institutional use, food handling, and preparation areas and in non-surgical medical care establishments.

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Refill Volume

You will need to provide your own 500ml container for this refill.


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