HG Air Fryer Cleaner

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Hg Air Fryer Cleaner

Hg Air Fryer Cleaner is a very powerful cleaner that can clean the air fryer thoroughly without damaging material.

Using an air fryer caused huge deposits of stubborn caked on food and grease.  Therefore, cleaning the air fryer is very difficult even when using good degreaser, or the dishwasher.

Even a good washing up liquid won’t do the job properly. HG Air Fryer Cleaner is a patented product for cleaning your air fryer. It is unique in the sense that it’s really hard on baked on grease and food deposits but its mild on the surface of fryer so it is never damaged during cleaning.

One bottle of HG Air Fryer Cleaner should be sufficient for 5 washes.

Hg Air Fryer comes in a 250 ml bottle and includes a brush. You put the air fryer basket in the sink when it is colled and pour 50ml solution into the basket. Use the brush supplied to rub it all over the sides and leave soak in the sink for an hour before washing thoroughly and you can use a nonabrasive brush or scrubber to remove the loose deposits.

Order yours today so that your air fryer stays like new for longer.

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