HG Bathroom Mould Spray

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500ml HG Bathroom Mould Spray

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500ml HG Bathroom Mould Spray

HG Mould Spray immediately destroys fungus and algae in damp places, inside and outside. For cleaning tiled walls (also suitable for marble) and grouting in the bathroom, shower, toilet, kitchen, cellar, basement, sauna, swimming pool, garage, shed etc. It can also be used to clean facades, balconies, plant boxes garden ornaments etc – excluding wood. HG Mould Spray bleaches grey and black mould spots and green algae spots. Hg Mould spray is self-acting so spray on to the surface from 3 to 5 cm away and simply leave the foam to work for 30 minutes. Then you simply wipe off the foam with a wet sponge. Then you just relax and enjoy your mould free bathroom.

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