HG Laminate Protective Coating Gloss Finish (HG product 70)

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HG “Laminate Protective coating Gloss Finish” (gloss coating)

This product provides a glossy protective laminate film to protect against wear, scratches and other damage.

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1Ltr HG “Laminate Protective coating Gloss Finish” (gloss coating)

A liquid polymer emulsion that is easy to apply and leaves a glossy, water-thin but extremely strong protective film once it has dried.

This film protects the top layer of the laminate against wear, scratches and other damage.  This product also masks faded patches and existing damage and has an anti-slip effect.

Before using the polish make sure your floor is completely clean and free of dust and grease. Then spread the emulsion undiluted using a polish spreader evenly over the whole floor in one direction. You then leave the floor to dry, and you can add another coat crossways on the first cot after sixty minutes.

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