HG Window Cleaning Set (3 pcs)

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HG Window Cleaning Set (3 pcs)

This starter pack is designed for cleaning frames and windows.  Together these products easily remove dirt and grease and leave no streaks.

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HG Window Cleaning Set (3 pcs)

  • The window cleaner is a highly concentrated product, it cleans and de-greases intensively but best of all, it leaves no streaks;
  • The UPVC cleaner easily removes dirt from all types of synthetic materials;

Includes: HG Window Cleaner 500ml, HG UPVC Powerful Cleaner Spray 500ml and a sponge.

Using this set you can clean the glass and the window frame. Clean the frame first using the pvc cleaner and then get a clean bucket cloth and squeegee

and clean the windows using the Hg Window cleaner. After using the squeegee, you should have a streak free shine on all your glass.


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