Lilly’s Eco Clean Washing Up Liquid

Lilly’s Eco Clean Washing Up Liquid

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Lilly’s Eco Clean Washing Up Liquid

Concentrated Washing-up Liquid with Lemon Essential Oil. Lillys eco Clean is so concentrated that a squirt is enough to do a sink full of dirty dishes.

You will get a scent of lemon essential oil from your dishes. This is a natural antibacterial extract.

You should always rinse your dishes in clean hot water before drying. You also have the option to buy this product in bulk 5L gallon.

This is cheaper in the long run so it’s better for your pocket and it is also better for the environment as you use less plastics.

Simply keep the small 500 ml container for refilling from gallon. This product is in the top three washing up liquids in Ireland at the moment.

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500mls, 5ltr


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