Minky M Cloth Hi Tech Duster

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Minky M Cloth Hi Tech Duster

This hi-Tech duster is made from millions of high density microfibres, which quickly remove dust and dirt throughout the home.  The supper soft, extra length microfibres attract and trap even the smallest dust particles, leaving surfaces sparkling clean every time.

How does it work?

Microscopic fibres clean brilliantly well, they have significantly greater contact with the surface they are cleaning and create a powerful capillary action to absorb dirt and moisture.

MCloth Hi-Tech Duster works even better – the powerful high density microfibre structure gives up to 7x more cleaning power vs standard microfibre cloths.

MCloth Hi-Tech Duster has 700,000 fibres per cm2 vs standard microfibre cloths with 100,000 fibres per cm2.

This product can be used dry – there is no need for chemicals.  The product is suitable for cleaning dust and dirt from all types of surface throughout your home – including stainless steel, chrome, granite, wood, ceramic tiles, mirrors, TV’s, Laptops and screens.

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