OrcaGel Instant Hand Sanitiser

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5Ltr 70% Hand Sanitiser

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5Ltr OrcaGel Instant Hand Sanitiser

EN1500 and EN1276 approved.

PCS number : 100609

This sanitizer contains 70% alcohol.

Orca Hand Hygiene sanitizer kills all unwanted germs quickly and leaves your hands felling clean and soft.

It also contains a skin moisturizer so it’s not harsh on your skin. It evaporates quickly.

Pour onto the palm of your hands together and rub briskly until your hands are dry.

This product sanitizes your hands quickly without the need for water.

Orca Gel is very effective at destroying pathogens according to the CDC, but they recommend using soap and water where possible.

This product kills 99.95 of viruses and germs effectively.

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