Proxl Sanitize – Sanitizing Ethanol Cleaner Aerosol

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Proxl Sanitize – Sanitizing Ethanol Cleaner Aerosol

A powerful multi-purpose cleaning spray for super quick application that is fast acting. The combination of alcohol and water is effective against bacteria, yeast and enveloped viruses.

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500ml Proxl Sanitize – Sanitizing Ethanol Cleaner Aerosol

  • 70% alcohol for best results;
  • High pressure spray for fast application;
  • Hard surface cleansing;
  • Fast Acting and Colourless.
  • this is a powerful multi surface spray for cleaning and sanitizing
  • This product is 70% ethanol so it is very effective against viruses.
  • This is perfect for application to handrails, door handles, light switches and other frequently used touch points
  • Highly effective against yeast, bacteria and other enveloped viruses.
  • Very handy for use in public building sand larger workplaces as application is fast so it can be done frequently.
  • Keep your building safe from viruses order yours today.

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