Redbacks Advanced Slide-in Knee Pads

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Redbacks® award winning knee pads are scientifically proven to outperform other knee pads.

Get your one size fits all advanced slide-in knee pads for pocketed work trousers.

  • Superior comfort level for all day, all purpose use;
  • Patented leaf spring technology spreads weight;
  • Unique cushioning reduces both knee and back pain;
  • Breathable, flexible, washable and wicks away sweat;
  • 100% recovery to original shape;

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Redbacks® advanced slide-in knee pads are scientifically proven to outperform other knee pads.

Redbacks® Patented system uses a soft flexible leaf spring embedded within a honeycomb matrix to absorb and spread weight.  Unlike any other knee pad the technology disperses pressure away from the knee to provide unrivalled comfort and protection.  See the video below of Redbacks® in action.

These knee pads work well with all work trousers. They are very comfortable and they are curved to fit around the knee.

By using these knee pads, you are reducing joint pressure on your knees. They are also waterproof and machine washable.

Redbacks® meet and surpass the PPE requirements of BS EN 14404:2004+A1:2010 for a Type 2 Level 1 knee pad.


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