Scotchgard Fabric Water Shield

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Scotchgard Fabric Water Shield

The Scotchgard Fabric Water Shield gives long lasting protection to fabrics.

It is great for waterproofing jackets for the outdoors. Scotchgard fabric Water shield dries quickly and is odorless when dry.

It gives fabrics the repellency to protect them against spills. It gives fabric strong protection against stains as it pushes stains away from the fabric fiber.

Scotchgard Fabric Shield does not change the feel or look of the fabric when used correctly. The Fabric water shield can be used on Furniture Clothes ,shoes and bags.

You need to give the item 2 coats of spray. This is sufficient to last for a year or until the next time the garment is washed. Obviously the durability of protection varies with wear.

The spray is safe for use on delicate fabrics such as wool and silk, and it doesn’t effect their breathability.

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