Starrett Deep Cut Plumbers 10 Piece Hole Saw Kit

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Starrett Deep Cut Plumbers 10 Piece Hole Saw Kit

This is a bi metal variable pitch hole saw kit for heavy duty cutting.

This 10 Piece Hole Saw kit contains a :

19mm hole saw, 22mm hole saw, 29mm hole saw, 35mm hole saw,

38mm hole saw, 44mm hole saw, 51mm hole saw, 57mm hole saw,

65mm hole saw and a 68mm hole saw

It also contains 1 AE hole saw arbor, 1 A2E hole saw arbor and 1 ejector spring.

It features a 10 mm increase in cutting depth and aggressive penetration.

When using this hole saw the vibration is reduced by the smooth cutting action and this in turn reduces user fatigue and makes a cleaner cut.

These blades come with enhanced heat and wear resistance.


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