Verti-Lifter Stand Up Floor Tile Puller

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Verti-Lifter Stand Up Floor Tile Puller

The Verti-Lifter floor tile puller is a very handy tool for lifting panels in a raised access floor as you don’t have to stoop down and put your back out. The Verti-Lifter is designed to make lifting raised floor panels easier and safer for people who are repeatedly lifting raised floor panels. An ergonomist helped design the Verti-Lifter.

This is a rugged, yet light weight, portable and easy to use. To attach the Verti-Lifter to a panel you push down on the handle forcing the air out between the suction cups and the floor tile. Forcing the air out creates a vacuum seal. It is essential that the floor panel is clean in order to get the perfect seal. Once you have the perfect vacuum seal the tile should not fall off so it is very safe.

To release the vacuum seal, lift up gently on the release trigger with your fingertips. Store the Verti-Lifter by hanging it on a bracket.  This will prevent damage to the suction cup if its leaning against the wall or falls over. If the suction cup is damaged this will create a gap of air while it is used. Then it won’t seal properly, and it will make it unsafe to use.

The Verti-Lifter helps prevent back and arm strain when you are regularly lifting floor panels. This tool makes your job fast easier and safe.

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