Eco-Friendly Initiatives: How We Are Making A Difference

At ACRA we want to make a difference to our environment and have implemented some Eco-Friendly Initiatives to achieve this goal. We take this responsibility seriously and always think of ways we can improve.

We don’t just talk about being Eco Friendly we also try to live it. Below are some of the things we do at ACRA to show our dedication in this regard.

Re-using packaging

We save all packing materials that we receive in. We then use these upcycled boxes and fillers to package all our website orders. Meaning with every order we send out, we help the environment in our own small way.

Sourcing Products

Eco Friendly is top of mind when we source products. We have added great eco friendly ranges such as Lilly’s Eco Clean, Cork Flooring and Marmoleum Flooring. Our core products are also as Eco Friendly as possible.

Extra Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Our directors drive 100% electric vehicles which are used on a daily basis. Our Managing Director even travels from Cork to Dublin in his electric car, even though it means extra time on the road.

We try to promote paperless communication as much as possible. We shred papers we do not need and then recycle them.

We have invested in a network drive to store all our important documents so we can access them without having to print multiple copies.

Eco-Friendly Initiatives every business should subscribe to

Circular economy refers to the ability to reuse waste products. This could mean repairing, finding alternate uses for waste or simply recycling responsibly.

ACRA has embraced this idea whole heartedly. We do not hold much stock on premises. Instead we order in as per customer requirements. This means we have less waste of stock through damage etc. However, in our business there are often times where we have to order more than we will use for a job. An example of this would be a carpet that only comes in certain widths. This often leads to offcuts of odd sizes which many fitting companies will send off to the dump. But at ACRA we bring these offcuts and store them in our warehouse where we offer them at reduced prices. These offcuts can then be used in other projects, such as:

  • Boat renovations
  • Campervan upgrades
  • Trailer conversions
  • Mobile homes upgrades
  • And so much more!

When you work with ACRA, you can be sure we are doing everything we can to minimize the impact our transaction will have on the environment.

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