HG Machinery Service Engineer (for washing machines and dishwashers)

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HG Machinery Service Engineer (for washing machines and dishwashers)

Developed with the assistance specialized of white product repairmen, this product helps resolve and prevent malfunctions.  See more information on this essential product below:

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HG Machinery Service Engineer (for washing machines and dishwashers)

At first glance washing machines and dishwashers often appear to look clean and in good working condition.  However, every wash cycle dirties crucial working parts of the machine through deposits formed by lime, soap, dirk and/or bacteria.

Over a period of time this will wear down these pasts causing various malfunctions which may not only cause the eventual breakdown of the machine but may also lease to the following:

  • Smelly and/or dirty laundry;
  • The wash programme running for a longer period of time;
  • Inconsistent heating temperatures of the machine;
  • The machine continues to pump out water;
  • The machine develops a must smell.

The most common example of a defective part is the heating element, which over a period of time becomes less and less efficient before it ceases to work altogether.  There are also numerous other working parts that are sensitive to dirk and lime that require professional maintenance cleaning.  This overall ensures a longer working life of the equipment.

Malfunction from these deposits can now be avoided by simply cleaning your machine with this HG product every 3 months.  This product is also used by professional repair men.  this ensures that filters, floaters, drainage pipes and other invisible working parts do not become clogged up, causing the machine to develop a musty smell.  Sealing rubbers remain elastic and water resistant, preventing leakage and short circuits.  All invisible parts become sparking clean ensuring that the machine looks new both inside and out.

Checkout the video below for more information:

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