Rewards with ACRA

At ACRA our customers are very important to us. Now that our website has been in operation for a few years we wanted to implement a reward system. We wanted to give something that would benefit each and every customer every time they purchased from us. It also had to be good enough to keep you coming back. While we always strive to provide great service and fast delivery, this is not always enough. We had to do something that would show our appreciation.
We thought of a variety of options, including Free Delivery and ultimately decided on a rewards program (you can see our blog post on why we chose rewards instead of free shipping by clicking here).

How ACRA’s Rewards Work

For every order you place with us, you will receive at least 5% of the pre VAT value of the goods you purchase in the form of points. You can see how many points you will get on each product page and the checkout page. All your points are accumulated in your points wallet.

How to use your reward points

Each 500 points you accumulate equals a discount of €5. This means once you reach 500 points or more you can decide to redeem 500 points for €5 off your order. NOTE: Currently the order in which you redeem the points will need to be for the value of €50 or more to enable the ability to utilize the points.

How to find your points information

You can view your point balance and transactions by choosing ‘My Account’ from the main menu and then selecting Points from the menu on the left.

We hope this shows our appreciation and thanks to each and every customer.

The ACRA Team

Image by macrovector on Freepik

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