Raised Floors

Clean Rooms

From the standard floor systems to the extra heavy grades for Forktucks. We will design a MERO floor to suit your specification and requirements. Retro-fits or complete renovations are also within our remit.

Our A/C panels are widely used by IBM, DRT and more and can be finished with a covering to match your existing coverings. Sliding, Damper & Lamela options available. We also have Aluminium Floor Grilles in our range of accessories.

ACRA can also offer bespoke services and we specialise in replicating and reproducing existing raised floors.

Accessories include; Factory produced ramps, Steps, & handrails, Service outlets; A/C grilles & perforated panels; Bridges, Cavity “Fire & Air Plenum” barriers; Lifting tools. Full details available upon request.

For advice or to arrange a site visit, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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