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Raised floors are becoming more popular throughout the world. This is as a result of more and more mechanical, electrical and computer cables required to run offices. A raised floor creates a hidden void under the floor; This allows for the safe running of all types of cables and easy and quick access to the void with minimum disruption to the working area to retrofit/upgrade cable runs.

The benefits of Raised Floors

Raised Flooring creates a hidden cavity beneath the floor; This allows for the creation of neater, wire free areas. Individual floor tiles can be lifted to allow easy access to repair, move, replace or upgrade cabling. It also has various other applications; such as allowing targeted distribution of cool/warm air in a room.

Extensively used in:

Data Centre / Server rooms

Raised floors keep valuable equipment evenly cooled while hiding cables away.

Call Centres

Where multiple computer cables go directly into the cavity under the floor to ensure a safe working environment for staff and customers.

Raised Floors in Retail Premises

Raised floors safely distribute the cables throughout the building and keeps them hidden from shoppers. As the flooring can be lifted, it allows easy access to move and adjust relevant cables and points as per tenant requirements. Power and Data points can be re-arranged within a room area easily as access is quick for rerouting service runs and is quickly closed back to minimise workplace disruption.

These are just to name a few; Raised flooring has a large number of applications in the business/office environment.

ACRA Fitouts specialise in the installation and/or replication and reproducing of existing raised floors. We have extensive experience in raised flooring for all types of applications. Our experienced staff will offer you the most affordable solution for the job you require. We offer high quality, eco friendly materials that are not only practical they also look appealing to look at. The quality of our products ensures that our products will last; Providing you with not only great value for money but also a long term investment for your business.

Accessories include; Factory produced ramps, Steps, & handrails, Service outlets; A/C grilles & perforated panels; Bridges, Cavity “Fire & Air Plenum” barriers; Lifting tools. Full details available upon request.

For advice or to arrange a site visit, please do not hesitate to contact us.

MERO Raised Floor Products


Description / Application

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MERO Access Floor - Floor systems for Data Centers

Standard panels of steel, calcium sulphate & chipboard as well as steel air conditioning panels are provided with durable floor coverings which meet the highest requirements of todays data centers.


MERO Floor Systems - CleanRoom

Clean air by steady air circulation, creating optimal Clean Room conditions for micro electronics production, research labs and bio-technology sterile environments.


MERO Access Floor - Floor systems for Sub-station & Switchgear rooms

Subframe consists of Type 2 (Unistrut type channel) supporting our standard panels of calcium sulphate & chipboard panels which are provided with durable floor coverings which meet the highest requirements of todays Switchgear & Substation.


MERO Access Floor Type 5 / High density particle panels

The MERO floor panel type 5 consists of high-density chipboard of the emission class E1 meeting the highest requirements. Emission tests are carried out acc. to international requirements (system tests = panel + pedestal): ASTM D 5116-97 (American Emission Test) covers the requirements of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment). This also meets the requirementsof the ‘Green Label, Singapore’. ISO 16000: worldwide approved emission test, AgBB/DIBT: product emission test. This method is applied in Germany.


MERO Access Floor Type 6 / Calcium sulfate

Non-flammable floor system which is at all times and everywhere accessible in a nondestructive way, thus facilitating future organizational changes. Selected products can support the qualification of buildings according to LEED or DGNB.


MERO Access Floor - Earthquake resistance

The MERO statics department has many years of experience in the implementation of earthquake resistant access floors. Our engineers have the necessary know-how to calculate the seismic forces and to submit the solution for the appropriate structural countermeasures.


MERO - TSK Server Rack / Cold Aisle Containment

MERO-TSK has developed an efficient, energy saving cabinet in order to meet the most demanding of requirements, with a number of innovative precision enclosure to provide customers with a new platform in data center equipment design. Rack depth can be adjusted via the vertically-mounted column, and a number of options are available for the roof, front and feet.


MERO Access Floor / Floor coverings

Floor finishings in PVC, Linoleum, Parquet, Ash, Oak, Bamboo, Textiles, Natural & Artifical Stone, Laminate - and special covering including Stainless Steel, Cork and Bulb plate.


MERO Access Floor / Accessories

MERO offers a comprehensive range of complementary standard accessories for all access floor types which enhances the use of the floor systems in functionality and comfort.


MERO Hollow Floor Combi T

Mutlifunctional hollow floor - perfect for Standard offices, Offices with increased static loads, treatment rooms & construction offices, libraries, storerooms & workshops.


MERO Floor Combi T Thermo

Dry hollow flooring solution with heating & cooling functions.


MERO Floor Systems Program Survey

Mero Flooring systems overview.


MERO Access Floor Type 8 / Glass

Glass Flooring suitable for all rooms where exceptional and sophisticated design is required.


MERO Low Access Floor / Refurbishing

Very low installation height particularly suitable for refurbishings with a spacious installation plenum for additional under floor services.


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