Air Grilles

With the spiraling costs of electricity and the push for being as environmentally friendly as possible, businesses such as datahalls and large offices require ways to minimize these aspects while still maintaining (or increasing) the current airflow and cooling systems. Air grilles/air panels are the solution. By allowing for the flow of air in any specific direction or by limiting/increasing the flow of air, Air Grilles increase the efficiency and effect of airflow. This allows businesses to use less electricity to obtain the same, and often better, results.

There are different types of Air Panels available depending on the situation and result required. ACRA have found the most commonly utilized Air Grilles for our customers are the panels with Free Flow (FQ) factors of 16-24%, 32%, 40% and 65%.

ACRA currently offer the following hole patterns:

AirGrilles Free Flow-ACRA

Air outlets can also be provided with dust basket or air flow control.

Lamella-Airflow-Control (LAC) currently is only applicable to A/C panels
with flatiron structure (marking FF) and free air flow of 53%.


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Description / Application

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Air Grille Options

Lamella-Airflow-Control (LAC) and free air flow option diagram.


Hole Patterns

Images of the holes ACRA offer and the FQ factors etc.


Type 3 LPL 53-FF30-5

Technical specification of Type 3 LPL 53-FF30-5


Airflow control (AC) 2-parts

Image of the Airflow control (AC) 2-parts.


Type LPL 16-RR30-3

Technical specification Type LPL 16-RR30-3


Type LPL 32-RR30-3

Technical specification Type LPL 32-RR30-3


Type LPL 40-RR30-4

Technical specification Type LPL 40-RR30-4


Type LPL 24-RR30-3

Technical specification Type LPL 24-RR30-3


Type LPL 53-RR30-5

Technical specification Type LPL 53-RR30-5


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