HG Kitchen Freezer De-Icer

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HG Kitchen Freezer De-Icer

Save electricity and space in your freezer by removing ice easily before your frozen food has time to think about defrosting.  Check out the video below for more information.

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500ml HG Kitchen Freezer De-Icer

When the deep freezer or the freezer compartment of your fridge ices up, it becomes smaller and energy consumption goes up significantly.  Thanks to HG Freezer De-Icer, this ice can be removed simply and quickly.

Regular use of HG Freezer De-Icer reduces icing-up to a minimum.  This saves costs because of lower energy consumption and it extend the lifespan of your freezer.

Before you use the Freezer De-Icer you must scrape away the thick layers which is easily loosened with scraper. Then spray the product on and leave to work for 5 to 10 minutes.

Then scrape the ice out again. Before you with the freezer back on and put back the food, make sure the walls of the freezer are dry by wiping with a dry cloth. This can all be done in 15 minutes so your food doesn’t get a chance to defrost.

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