HG Machinery – Smelly Washing Machine Cleaner

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550g HG Machinery – Smelly Washing Machine Cleaner

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550g HG Machinery – Smelly Washing Machine Cleaner

Washing machines do not always smell terribly fresh and at times they simply stink.  Grease deposits and the remnants of liquid or powder detergents in the drains, on filters and rubbers are generally the cause.  HG’s Smelly Washing Machine Cleaner cleans the entire washing machine extremely effectively and produces a clean and fresh washing machine.

This bottle is sufficient for five treatments. This is an effective washing machine cleaning Fluid as it gets rid of grease on the drum and rubbers caused by a buildup of detergent and it also cleans any remnants of detergent from the drains. As a result, your washing machine should last longer.

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