Sharing is Caring – How to keep it going!

Sending our children back to school during these times is quite scary.  We are torn between keeping our children safe and wanting them to get back to learning, living a normal life and routine.  Covid-19 has also brought into question some of the foundational virtues we have been trying to instil in our children – such as ‘Sharing is Caring’.

There is no doubt that we are in unprecedented times.  Even adults are finding it hard to choose the best and safest way forward in this difficult situation. It must be so much harder for our children; Some of whom are too young to understand the implications of what is happening around them and indeed the world.

Covid-19 has put everyone in a precarious situation.  Especially parents who are trying to tread that elusive line between informing their children of the consequences of not adhering to the guidance from the HSE and making them terrified of catching COVID-19 and putting the whole family in danger.  It is a huge responsibility for children to shoulder no matter how mature they might be.  The pressure is particularly high in homes who are caring for elderly or vulnerable people along with young children.   It is hard to find a line between letting children play and act as nature intended and protecting vulnerable family members.

Keep ‘Sharing is Caring’ going

But there is a lot more at stake than we first think…  Covid-19 is forcing us to do a u-turn on many things we have been teaching our children for years – such as caring for others and sharing.  Since birth our children have been told that ‘sharing is caring’, and now we are telling them that they must not share.  What lesson is this sudden and emphatic change of ideals teaching our children?

This is one of the reasons I am glad to let you know that ACRA is selling individually packed wet wipes and sachets of gel.  This means that if a child loses or forgets their hand sanitiser at home they have a backup, but it also means we can still allow our children to share with others.  If another child is in need of wipes or sanitiser your child can give them a packet or two of their backups without posing any risk to anyone.  Sharing is caring is an important virtue to instil.  What are we teaching our children if we abandon the ‘sharing is caring’ philosophy now?  Especially when it is possible that sharing a packet of hand sanitiser or a sanitising wipe from a backup stash might just save a life?

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