Travel To Work Safely After Covid-19

Before Covid-19, it was normal for people to share transport to and from work.  While the recommendation is to not share lifts at all, this is not always possible.  So how do we tackle social distancing and travel to work safely post Covid-19?

Here are some points to assist you:

  • Sit as far apart from other occupants in the vehicle as possible (see recommendation picture below);
  • The driver should wear disposable gloves; (To prevent the driver from being impeded, they should not wear a sneeze guard.)
  • Passengers should wear disposable gloves and sneeze guards for driver and other passenger safety;
  • Keep the windows slightly open for added ventilation;
  • Ensure the air-conditioning is not recirculating air;
  • After each journey, throw away the gloves.
  • Put names on all the sneeze guards to avoid sharing;
  • Passengers should sit in the same place each journey;
  • The sneeze guards should be left on each passenger’s seat for the next journey;
  • Sanitise the vehicle daily. – with special focus on the areas shown in the image below;
  • If you have any symptoms of Covid-19 do not travel with anyone, seek HSE clarification.

Recommended seating arrangements for shared travelling to work safely after Covid-19.

The primary recommendation to travel to work safely after Covid-19 is to have one occupant per vehicle.  But if you have to take a passenger, sit as far apart as possible.

The following is a suggested visual guide on how to sit:

Sanitising the vehicle should happen every day.  On the inside and outside of the vehicle.

Extra care and attention should be applied to high touch zones.  The following diagram shows where these high touch zones are:

ACRA VehicleClean

Covid-19 has changed the way we live, and will continue to impact our lives for a long time to come.  Integrating these new ways into our lives will help us beat Covid-19; and be better equipped to deal with any future threats.


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