Vinyl Flooring to the rescue! A heart-warming story.

Vinyl Flooring helps local gentleman

We would like to share the story of how ACRA’s vinyl flooring recently came to the rescue of an elderly gentleman in our community.

At first you might think this gentleman’s problem was unique or strange; but surprisingly it is actually a common problem experienced by many individuals.  Especially when faced with challenges as we get older.

But let us get back to the story of how our vinyl flooring actually solved a problem.

The problem

Our gentleman was, for one reason or another, spilling his tea on the carpet of his room.  This involuntary action was causing the carers who looked after him some concern.  They were not quite sure what to do.  No one wanted to have to tell him that he would no longer able to make tea in his room.  Making tea might seem like a laborious task to some; but the process of making tea can be calming and our gentleman enjoyed this singular routine.  To him it was a simple, yet rewarding pleasure.

But something had to be done… and quickly.  The carpet was not only stained and looked ugly, it was quickly becoming unhygienic and a possible health risk for the gentleman and others.

The Vinyl Flooring Solution

Luckily for this gentleman, one of the carers came to get some sanitising products from ACRA and mentioned their problem to our friendly staff.  On listening to the story, we knew our vinyl floors could solve this problem.  Within days ACRA had professionally installed a small section of vinyl flooring that not only looks good and works well with the carpet already there.  It keeps the gentleman’s home clean and hygienic by making the spilled tea quick and easy to clean up.  Now he can continue to make his own tea in his room without causing everyone to worry.

Be the Hero Of The Day

We thought to share this with you in case you have an elderly parent with a similar problem, or if you have children that love to paint but you don’t think you have space for them to paint freely and you don’t want to get your house dirty.   Come and talk to us (CLICK HERE), we might be able to assist in surprising ways and you can also become the hero of the day for your family.

* Certain details withheld/amended to protect identity of customer.


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