When and Why Should I Wear a Facemask?

We see more and more people wearing facemasks. When and why you should wear a facemask is important to know.  Wearing a facemask all the time is not only pointless, it can also be unhealthy.  On the other side of the coin, not wearing it when you should puts others (and yourself) as unnecessary risk.

So when and why should you wear a facemask?

First we need to determine which individuals who should not wear masks. The HSE have provided a list of people who they deem should not wear a mask:

  • Cloth face coverings are not advised for children under 13 years of age;
  • People who have trouble breathing;
  • Individuals who are unable to remove the mask without help;
  • People with special needs who feel upset or uncomfortable wearing a face covering.

If you do not fall into any of the above categories, then you should be wearing a facemask in certain situations.

When you should wear a facemask

While wearing a facemask is important, you should not wear it all the time.  So when should you wear one?

The HSE have the following recommendation for situations where you should wear a facemask:

  • when staying 2 metres apart from people is difficult – for example, in shops, shopping centres or public transport;
  • if you are visiting a home of someone who is cocooning;
  • if you are visited in your home by someone who is cocooning.

Now we know the when, what about the Why?

Why you should wear a facemask

Many people are in confusion about the benefits of wearing facemasks.  Especially since we were originally advised not to wear them as some evidence suggested it could actually contribute to the spread of the virus.  We were also told that wearing a mask provided a false sense of security.  So why the change of tune and what should you believe now?

Apparently there were original concerns that the general public did not know how to correctly put on and take off masks.  This could cause an increase in the spread of the virus that would outweigh the benefits of wearing a mask.  There was also concern that a false sense of security by those wearing masks would reduce wearers partaking in other recommended actions to reduce the spread.  The debate was never that facemasks were not beneficial; they would not be used by medical personnel if they were not.  The debate was about the users, not the tool.  You can rest assured, that used correctly, a facemask is definitely beneficial.

Not sure how to correctly use a facemask?  No problem, we wrote an article to help you with step by step pictures you can read it by CLICKING HERE.

How does a facemask protect you

Once you understand more about the virus and how it spread (click here to read a previous article on this issue).  The benefits of wearing a mask are two fold.  It not only helps protect you from contaminated droplets entering your mouth, it also protects others from you.  Many people display only mild symptoms and if asked would never think they had COVID-19.  Unfortunately, while these people do not feel sick, they can make other sick.  If we all wear masks in the situations as recommend above, even if we feel well, it will help stop the spread of this virus.  If we all do our bit we will be able to go back to our ‘normal’ lives much quicker.

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Photo by Roger Bradshaw on Unsplash


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