Covid-19 Vaccine and what it means for us today

Many scientists around the world are collaborating and sharing information about a Covid-19 vaccine.   This should ensure we have a distributable vaccine in the shortest possible time.  And with medics and scientists collaborating globally, many of these professionals are also working on different vaccines.  This means that we will also get ‘better’ vaccines much quicker; But, more importantly, this will ensure we get a variety of different vaccines available at around the same time.

Why is this so important for the Covid-19 Vaccine?

By having different vaccines, you have different ingredients and manufacturers.  This ensures that when vaccines are ready, we will have the ability to create the new vaccines in shorter times.  We will not be tied to one manufacturer who can not meet demand.  And there is a lower chance of running short of the vaccines ingredients.  Thus we will have less chance of limited ingredients pushing up the price and increasing the time it takes for the vaccine to reach our hands.

So, what is the problem?

The problem being faced at the moment is the need to do trials.  And no, the solution is not to forgo extensive trials.  There are reasons these processes are in place and we would do well to follow them.  The last thing we need is to make matters worse by providing a vaccine that could possibly cause more harm than good.

What can we do?

Now that we know that the professionals who are working tirelessly to get a vaccine to us are doing everything they can on their side; and we know that their collaboration has already shortened the time we will need to wait for a vaccine;  All we need to do is give them time to do their job.

How do we give the Covid-19 Vaccine the time it needs?

We can do this my minimising the risks we take and increasing prevention measures.  Luckily this can be done quite simply.  If you read our previous articles on masks (CLICK HERE) you will know that a mask helps prevent the spread of the virus.  Put simply this is achieved by preventing infected droplets from reaching your nose and mouth to infect you; but more importantly it prevents an individual from spreading infected droplets into the environment and infecting the people around them.

By simply adding a face shield to your arsenal of CORONA fighting weapons you are giving yourself more protection than a mask can provide.  As the face shield protects your eyes, nose and mouth from droplets, it affords you much more protection than a mask alone.

I still say you must wear a mask to protect others.  You might have the virus but be asymptomatic, and if you are, you can infect others without realizing it.  So protect yourself with a face shield (CLICK HERE) and protect others with a face mask (CLICK HERE).

Together we can help slow down the spread of the virus and give the Covid-19 vaccine the time it needs to land safely tried and tested into our hands.

Photo by Volodymyr Hryshchenko on Unsplash


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